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We improve customer cybersecurity programs by taking a holistic approach that balances actual functional performance with current threat assessments to prioritize your investments in people, processes, and technology to provide protection that matters. We offering a robust set of products and services to deliver extreme value to our customers. These products are integrated with innovative partner offerings that assure the performance of your security offerings informed by predictive analytics and comprehensive threat intelligence.


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Cyber COAST is excited to bring together innovative solutions to the market that enable our clients to identify gaps in security effectiveness due to equipment misconfiguration, changes in the IT environment, and evolving adversary tactics in near real time. These results are used in context of current Threat assessments to prioritize cybersecurity investments for individual systems (Key Terrain), organizations (Lighthouse), or across industries and ecosystems (Port Authority). Together with our commercial and government partners, our products will measure and test security environments against both known and newly discovered threats, empowering organizations to identify risks in their security controls before a breach occurs, and rapidly adapt their defenses to the evolving threat landscape. Each of our products take a proactive approach to understanding and mitigating the unique risks, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in the context our customer environments.


We provide holistic service solutions across five areas:

Consulting: Working with customers to understand their missions, determine their capability and performance gaps, and recommend pragmatic solutions that fit their situation.

Operations: Providing additional, trained, and experienced personnel to lead your cybersecurity engineering and operations on-site or as a service.

Analysis: Rooting out the heart of cybersecurity issues. This often requires a deep bench of intrusion, intelligence, and forensic analysts. We have that covered.

Software Development: Using the best Agile development methods, coupled with an operational understanding of your business needs. Our team can build your vision.

Training: Delivering on-site, remote, and web-based instruction to you and your team.

Why We're Different

Humble. Approachable. Credible. Unlike many small businesses that claim they know cybersecurity, Cyber COAST has been working in cybersecurity for more than 20 years. We’ve seen success. We’ve seen failure. We've literally been to war in cyberspace. Our methods have been purpose-built from these lessons to provide lasting value to our clients. We don't bring an army of high priced consultants. We just bring the things that work—we succeed when you are secure and know you have a systematic security program.

Born out of U.S. military innovation, the Cyber COAST team understands the theory, strategy, and application of effective cybersecurity programs. Our innovative approaches come from our hard-earned experience developing USCYBERCOM strategy, directing multi-national cyber operations, planning cyber force training, and implementing major programs for the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Justice. We don’t stop at great ideas and recommendations. We do our best work "in the trenches" with our clients implementing pragmatic and lasting solutions. The result: delivering tangible and measurable business results.

Our vision is to build long-term customers by first understanding their mission requirements, collaboratively identifying a strategy for improvement using the Cyber COAST approach to cybersecurity, and then delivering increasing value—every day!



Christian L. Basballe Sorensen founded Cyber COAST in 2016 with the vision of taking hard-won experience from the military and applying it to other government and commercial clients. Christian retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Cyber Warfare officer in 2014 after serving in key cyber leadership assignments at USCYBERCOM and the Pentagon. While at USCYBERCOM, he helped architect the Cyber Mission Forces and led an international cyber warfare team forward deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom. Later, while assigned to the Pentagon, he led Air Force efforts to begin implementing the Cyber Mission Forces. Christian earned his BS in Operations Research from the U.S. Air Force Academy, his MS in Engineering Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University, and his MBA from the University of Maryland. Visit his LinkedIn profile for more information. 

Cybersecurity is not something you have.

It is something you do. 


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