We base our analysis on the applicable industry best practice frameworks (ITIL, IT-CMF, NIST) to identify your operational, managerial, financial, training, and procedural gaps.

Portfolio Analysis

In today's crowded cybersecurity marketplace, it's vital you have a trusted partner who can recommend vendor-agnostic solutions. Our analysis is based on empiric evidence that will identify weaknesses and recommend capabilities for making effective improvements across the technology, process, and personnel solutions. 

We are the first company able to automatically populate the DODCAR / GOVCAR framework with real results and not just SME inputs as seen below:

Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Analysis & Review (DODCAR)  Whole of Government Cybersecurity Analysis & Review (GOVCAR)

Department of Defense (DoD) Cybersecurity Analysis & Review (DODCAR)

Whole of Government Cybersecurity Analysis & Review (GOVCAR)

Cyber Threat Analysis

Highly targeted attacks using specially modified malware are challenging every size of business. Wielded by threat actors intent on stealing trade secrets, intellectual property, and other high-value data, these attacks evade detection by traditional security controls and even some sandboxing technologies built to dynamically analyze malware.
Combating these attacks and resolving breaches can consume significant amounts of your remediation time and security budgets. Your security team needs to rethink your technology-process-people combinations and strengthen them to defeat new threats. Cyber COAST analysts leverage open-source intelligence (OSINT) to perform cyber threat analysis of content posted on web and social media sites. Our service is built on a big data analytics engine, tuned to collect, analyze, and filter cyber threat information from multiple online sources correlated with events inside your network.

Ours is a human-led process that enriches your existing security measures with insights gained from external and internal data sources. We can quickly identify, disrupt, and mitigate breaches by uncovering critical insights unseen by traditional defenses. With the right multi-domain analysis capabilities and advanced analytics, we can turn your defensive cyber strategy into a proactive one to counter and mitigate your threats.



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