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Enable Cyber Operators to Train Where They Fight

Battle Stations uses Security Instrumentation Platform to generate training events for DCO operators and evaluators. These results are placed within the organization’s training and evaluation framework for operator, supervisor, instructor, and executive review and analysis of individual and aggregate readiness.

Who is your Top Gun cyber operator?

Customer use Battle Stations to initiate, track, document, and facilitate debriefs for cyber defense team operators operators and training teams. The application provides views for students, instructors, and leadership to understand individual and org performance. This performance can run through basic to advanced and zero-day exploitation scenarios. Organizations can identify their top analyst with ease.

Enables operators to train where they fight.

enables customers to use the same inputs, methodology, and processes as traditional DoDCAR and GovCAR analysis including selecting preferred Threat Framework, importing latest Threat Assessment, Capability Mitigation Analysis, and Security Capability Coverage in relation to the threat. However, instead of the traditional manual process, Lighthouse uses testing platforms like Verodin to comprehensively, automatically, and proactively test the performance of a customers cybersecurity controls against representative threat tactics. This approach provides significant benefits:

Rapid technology and operator improvement

Rapid technology and operator improvement

  • Automate scripts to training apprentice, journey, and master levels on effectively blocking and identifying historical and latest cyber threats

  • Results provide empiric evidence of who, what, where, when, so customers can discuss the why

  • Curates individual and organizational performance over time