Threat Based Cybersecurity — For the Enterprise

An organization’s supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  When it comes to cyber risk, weak links getting are difficult to uncover—especially if your company depends on the risk of your service providers. Often, 3rd and 4th party providers will negatively contribute to your overall risk. Port Authority allows commercial and government organizations to aggregate and analyze Lighthouse data across their area of interest (e.g. Defense Industrial Base, Supply Chain, Geographic Areas, etc). This enables organizations to measure, monitor, and investigate cybersecurity risks across the country, industry sectors, and key critical infrastructure companies.


•Identifies hotspots in need of immediate attention

•Tracks currency and completeness of tests

•Dynamic analysis of new threat vectors or deep dive on specific threat vectors

•Industry & verticals performance metrics and trends

•Robust what-if scenarios


compare lighthouse scores across supply chain

Bringing the data together lets you analysis in many different ways: trends over time, hot spots, investigate new adversary tactics, identify best practices, etc.


Situational Awareness

Benchmark security performance at the level of concern. Users can assess country and industry cybersecurity risk exposure, enabling national agencies to self-assess their cybersecurity capabilities.

For the first time, Port Authority enables national level organizations to continuously and proactively validate the security posture of their critical ecosystem.

Find opportunities for improvement by continuously validating the actual security performance of critical infrastructure companies. New tactics can be tested and findings can be fixed and validated before a breach occurs. Users can be alerted when the risk posture of these companies change with custom thresholds.

Dramatically increase situational awareness of cybersecurity performance in ecosystem