Vision: Build long-term customers by first understanding their mission requirements, collaboratively identifying areas for improvement across the Cyber COAST approach to cybersecurity, and then delivering increasing value -- every day!  
Mission: Understand the Cyber COAST approach to cybersecurity and your role in it. Apply your skills and expertise across the COAST delivery methods: Consulting, Operations, Analysis, Software, and Training. In so doing, we will deliver continuous improvement for our current customers and bring those insights back to improve the COAST approach for future customers.

Born out of U.S. military innovation, the Cyber COAST team understands the theory, strategy, and application of effective cybersecurity programs.  More important than claiming it—we’ve been there and done that—providing cybersecurity solutions for military maneuvers and exercises, USCYBERCOM strategy and operations, and implementing major programs across the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Justice. We don’t stop at great ideas and recommendations; we do our best work right there alongside of our clients to implement pragmatic and lasting solutions that deliver tangible and measurable results.

Cybersecurity is not something you have; It is something you do.

The Cyber COAST knows how to do Cybersecurity exceptionally well!